About Us

South Florida-based World Class Boxing Television was established in the summer of 2012 and formalized in 2016 by James (“Big Jim”) Devericks and Legendary Boxing Trainer Milton LaCroix.

World Class Boxing Television was created to bring the Glory Days of Boxing back to the World by providing an unparalled experience for the true Boxing enthusiast through advanced technologies and LIVE PPV streaming capabilities that are only available to our loyal boxing members and fans.

World Class Boxing Television has built its very own Global Boxing Platform and Television Network to provide the Best LIVE PPV Events in Multiple Languages, Multiple Currencies that are Social, Mobile and Interactive and go far beyond what is available to boxing fans today and WCB provides our loyal Boxing Members and Fans with an Unrivaled Boxing Experience bringing back the True Glory Days of Boxing.

The WCB LIVE PPV streaming technologies and integrated platforms are made available through our partnership with SuperCloud, Inc. for Boxing Promoters and Boxing Fans alike.

Jim Devericks / Founder of World Class Boxing

Jim Devericks – “Big Jim” has been involved with boxing for the past 40 years in some form or fashion and was an amateur boxer until breaking his hand while training for the 1984 Olympic Games and had to forego moving to Colorado Springs to train at the 84’ Olympic Training Camp. Devericks decided to turn Pro-Boxer and consistently trained with some of the top heavyweights at that time and was being trained by legendary Boxing Trainer Richie Giachetti, (Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes, Ernie Shavers, Aaron the “Hawk” Pryor and Sylvester Stallone’s Fighters-Tiger Eye Limited) and was sent to Maryland to train with the Heavyweight Champion. It was while training for a Pro Fight in Madison Square Garden “Big Jim” was struck by a car while jogging, during training with the Maryland Heavyweight Champion and was in a semi-coma for an unspecified period of time in the hospital with numerous life threatening injuries and many with long term effects including multiple stress fractures in his back, head, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle and many other injuries that Mr. Devericks simply could not overcome to continue his rigorous training regimen and his path to becoming the next Heavyweight Champion of the World. Mr. Devericks has spent his lifetime building and maintaining numerous relationships in the Boxing World with many Former and Current Champions including Boxing Trainers, Coaches, Promoters, etc.

Milton Lacroix / Co-Founder of World Class Boxing

Coach Milton Lacroix is a Legendary Boxing Trainer and Coach and is the (Founder of Supreme Team Boxing in 1985). Milton has over 30 years of experience as an Amateur and Professional Boxing Trainer and has worked with numerous World Champions. Coach Milton is still the president of Supreme Team Boxing gym in Hollywood, Florida. Milton and his team dominated the NYC Golden Gloves all through the 80s & 90s before he moved to Florida. Coach Milton trained Former two time Heavyweight Champion of the World - Shannon Briggs and they are currently discussing a third run at the Heavyweight Title in 2017. Coach Milton offers Pro-Style Boxing Bootcamps Classes 6 days a week including there well known Soul Fit Saturdays. He provides One on One private training and also has a great kids program. Coach Milton trains men, women and children of all skill levels. Coach Milton and his Florida team are still dominating the Amateurs and professional shows in Florida.