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South Florida-based World Class Boxing Television was established in the summer of 2012 and formalized in 2016 

by James (“Big Jim”) S Devericks and Legendary Boxing Trainer Milton LaCroix.

World Class Boxing Television was created to bring the Glory Days of Boxing back to the World by providing an unparalled experience for the true Boxing enthusiast through advanced technologies and LIVE PPV streaming capabilities that are only available to our loyal boxing members and fans.
World Class Boxing Television has built its very own Global Boxing Platform and Television Network to provide the Best LIVE PPV Events in Multiple Languages, Multiple Currencies that are Social, Mobile and Interactive and go far beyond what is available to boxing fans today and WCB provides our loyal Boxing Members and Fans with an Unrivaled Boxing Experience bringing back the True Glory Days of Boxing.
The WCB LIVE PPV streaming technologies and integrated platforms are made available through our partnership with SuperCloud, Inc. for Boxing Promoters and Boxing Fans alike